The Swedish Olympic Committee

The Olympics are the premier symbol of the desire to take on new challenges, show heart, and extend personal boundaries. The Swedish Olympic Committe (SOC) wants to inspire and make that dream come true.

SOC´s main tasks are:

  • To organize and implement Swedish participation in the Olympic Games.
  • To prepare participants for the Olympic Games
  • To host athletic try-outs
  • Development of elite athletes
  • International work
  • Marketing and sponsoring
  • Our mission is to develop a: “Competitive Swedish Olympic team".

The Dream:
The Olympic dream! The Olympic Games are the premier symbol of the desire to take on new challenges, show heart, and push personal boundaries.  The SOC wants to inspire and make that dream come true for all athletes.

The Value
The SOC wants to increase the importance of the Olympics by upholding the honor that the Olympic Games symbolize — the ambition to win the championship with full respect for the values of others regardless of background or ability.

Financial resources
Financial resources are fundamental to the SOC´s ability to build long-term relationships and to create the environment needed to be successful in our mission.

The Funding
The SOC will support Swedish athletes that have the prerequisites and the driving force to reach the absolute top, the ability to give it their all.

The Games
The SOC strives to create the best possible conditions in order for team Sweden to be able to perform their absolute best before and during the Games.

The Medals
Swedish success stories trigger dreams, inspire and create energy both within and outside the world of sport. The SOC distributes approximately 50 million Swedish crowns yearly to the Olympic Sports of Sweden.
The SOC is a support organization. The federations for each respective sport have the main responsibility for development within their sport. The SOC can help to reinforce developments initiated by these federations.

36 member federations
The SOC is the highest body for answering Olympic sport questions in Sweden.
The Committee is made up of 36 permanent member federations and fourteen recognized federations (acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, IOC, as recognized sports; however not present in the competitive programs of the Olympic Games).

Every fourth year, the Committee chooses a new board of directors consisting of a chairperson and eight members. The Swedish members of the International Olympic Committee also have an automatic seat on the board of directors. These are Gunilla Lindberg, General Secretary of SOC, Arne Ljungqvist, Chairman of IOC's Medical Commission and Göran Petersson.

Successive SOK heads
1913-33 HRH Prince Royal Gustaf Adolf
1933-47 HRH Prince Gustaf Adolf
1947-97 HRH Prince Bertil
1997- Carl-Gustav Anderberg
1913-28 Viktor G. Balck and J. Sigfrid Edström
1928-48 J. Sigfrid Edström
1949-66 Bo Ekelund
1966-96 Gunnar Ericsson
1996- Stefan Lindeberg

Selection rules
The SOK Executive Board selects Olympic participants following proposals from and after discussions with the Olympic Sports Associations. To be selected as an Olympic competitor in the Olympics, an individual candidate must show results sufficient to compete for places 1-8, and team results must be sufficient to compete for a place among the top six. Teams qualifying for the Olympics in special Olympic qualifying rounds are automatically nominated for the Games.

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